Beauty Checklist for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Bridesmaids Get To Know Your Role for the Wedding Day

First let's look at some smart daily rituals you can do in the weeks leading up to the wedding day: Start drinking more water daily, because this will ensure that you are hydrated for our time together and your skin will be acting at its optimal health. Don't forget to exfoliate and use a hydrating mask each week for your smoothest texture. Incorporating a light oil or serum for advanced anti-aging can brighten and even skin tone as well.

Come with clear goals in mind of what you want to get out of our time together: For example - looks you have loved on yourself in the past and inspiration photos, but please remember it's always best to pick photos of others with similar skin tone, face shape and eye & hair color. 

The most important part of creating this schedule is keeping on it – this means you’ll need to be ready for your services 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time.

The schedule goes out two weeks before the wedding day on a Monday and the bride will share it. It is always smart to let the bride know if you think you will be arriving later in the day, so we can place anyone whose arriving later at the end of the schedule.

Three days prior, stop using anything that exfoliates, products with Retinol, Retin A, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, etc., because this will ensure that there is no peeling or dead skin interfering with the application of makeup.

Come with freshly washed, clean skin - no moisturizer or sunscreen (your artist will apply all skin prep products). Take extra care to remove any and all traces of mascara and any waterproof products.

If you have any allergies from any herbs, botanicals, essential oils or are pregnant/breast feeding, please let your artist know at the beginning, so she can accommodate. 

If you are wearing contacts or have any eye sensitivities or eyelash extensions, please let your artist know before she starts.

If you have a favorite lip color you want to wear, have it ready and please let your artist know so she can assist you in application at the end of your look.

Please come with your hair washed the day before and no product.

If you typically need to have your hair blown out before curling or styling, please come with it smooth, otherwise let your hair have it's natural texture.

Some specific hair lengths, textures and types take longer for the artist to complete, so if you have: textured waves/tight curls or braids, longer hair than shoulder blade length, thicker than a 2 inch ponytail or have extensions, please contact the bride to arrange for more time to be added to your hair styling service.

We do not allow time to blow dry within your service time, so please arrive to your scheduled service with dry hair.