There is an over-load of beauty information out there. With the rise in Pinterest boards and word of mouth selling, it can be confusing and challenging when it comes to knowing what is best for ourselves!

Kelli encourages every bride to:

  • do their research
  • find a licensed aesthetician
  • hire a professional makeup artist 
  • reach out to your top 3 artists and make sure they get right back to you
  • make sure the artist has a brochure of services and contract system in place 
  • check the artists portfolio and reviews
  • make sure the artists philosophies align with yours
  • share your beauty inspiration and don't be afraid to ask questions and have expectations

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A professional makeup artist wants to hear exactly what you want, with room for changes if necessary. Setting those expectations over a trial run is going to be important. These key elements at the beginning of the booking process are ideal for a bride to connect with the right artist.

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Believe it or not, it's not EXACTLY the makeup products Kelli uses that encourages the makeup to last - it's what she does before and after makeup application that gives it longevity. She also provides her brides with a touch up kit that adds to peace of mind on the wedding day!

Recently, Kelli teamed up with the talented film & fine art wedding photographer Katie Dessin Photography for a video, sharing all of her favorite go to products for keeping brides flawless for an entire day.


For a quick RECAP - it all comes down to these 5 steps:

1. Pre-wedding & Wedding Day >>> Keeping skin clear with oil cleansing (oil attracts oil and this cleansing method controls oil, by lifting impurities and leaving skin soft, not dry)

2. Pre-wedding >>> Exfoliating weekly to keep the pores clear and any dead skin from accumulating. 

3. Pre-wedding & Wedding Day >>> Hydrosols will keep the skin extra hydrated and encourage your serums and moisturizers to deliver deeper into the skin as well as boost the results the products give

4. Pre-wedding >>> Serums, retinols, Vitamin C & Peptides are all great for repairing the skin and rejuvenating. Makeup looks smoother when these potions are used daily in a skin regimen.

5. Wedding Day >>> Makeup setting spray to lock in the thinly layered makeup, powder, creams and additional products used to create the look.. 

PS - Kelli typically doesn't use a primer, because the foundation she uses has a primer built into it for a skin like finish. Check out her Instagram to see the recent looks she's been creating for brides under the Before & After Highlights section!

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes video from the ever talented Glitch Films documenting Kelli in her skincare & makeup space and on location for a bridal styled shoot. Seeing the way the makeup products film is so important and one of Kelli's favorite things about what she does is the challenge of getting makeup to look natural, but also getting it to last. Kelli is able to test her makeup looks during these collaborative shoots and she learns new ways to combine products to get amazing new finishes and lasting power. This is what sets her apart from other artists and why working alongside amazing vendors has proven to be one of her greatest rewards. 

Last but not least, a quick link below to the beautiful eco-conscious makeup products & palette's that Kelli used on the models for the styled shoot in this blog and the video above.


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EVER is formulated without:













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With Love & Awareness,


Kelli Thomsen Beauty

photographer - Lauryn Kay Photography

videographer - Glitch Films

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