MOTHER'S DAY reminds me of the rituals & bonds we all have with other women - friends, sisters, cousins, aunts. daughters & step daughters, grandmothers & mothers alike. We gather and share so much knowledge and history through each other, about our daily skin care and makeup routines and we almost forget that it's these rituals that create these solid bonds.  

Think about that for a care and makeup actually brings us all CLOSER. Women for centuries have been creating more love between them, because of the sharing of beauty products and the way these products make us feel on the inside. Ironically we are sharing and caring about our outsides together and what we are experiencing is growth on the inside. That makes me so HAPPY to be doing what I do.  I can see a direct link between the inside and outside and how one effects the other and I am happy to report that I want to rally behind more of that....more beauty, love & sharing with other women today and every day.

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Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to sit down with my mom for a brow waxing and shaping session and we got to talking about makeup for mature skin. See her blog discussing what she learned here   - More women than ever are asking me for makeup advice and when they arrive,for their makeup lesson, I know there is a need to discuss skin care first. Skin care and makeup are one in the same in my book, without good skin care, the makeup just puts on a mask. I have slowly come to uncover how the rituals of the past, have not caught up with the world today! Well that had me thinking there had to be a way to get others moving in the right direction and how can I help? 

I decided to launch a MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL for the month of May, because we all deserve to have a skin care ritual and makeup routine that is healthy and makes us feel beautiful, at any age! Choose one Special and call or email to purchase and schedule.. 

Special #1: Custom Facial & Makeup Lesson  -  $259 (reg. $350)

Special #2: Makeup Lesson - $150 (reg. $250)

2 Specials per person

Call 503-890-5355 or email to purchase & schedule.

Ends midnight 5/31/2016


Kelli Thomsen skin care & makeup artistry

Photography: Jessica Hill Photography

Makeup & Hair Keilli Thomsen

Photography: Lucrezia Schuler

Makeup Kelli Thomsen

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