When you hire Kelli & her team for your wedding day beauty, expect to experience luxury and attention to detail. From her professional tools and experienced application techniques during the trial run to day of final touches, she takes pride in what ingredients she puts on your skin.

Kelli cares about what she puts on her body and face and she carries that into her passion for makeup artistry. The products she uses are cruelty free, vegan and full of botanical's, plus she spends so much time prepping the skin, that the makeup application is flawless.

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It has become very important for Kelli to offer streamlined bridal scheduling & an effortless email system, which makes communication organized and simple. Not only has her ability to connect been greater, but the brides she is working with have shown an immense gratitude for how easy it is to work with her. Click the logo below to start the process and see for yourself! 

WHAT TO EXPECT when you hire Kelli & her team:

-Look and feel like you've always dreamed of on your wedding day.

-Your most polished look will be created based on your personality and tastes, along with the color and details of your dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers & location.

-We travel to any destination and our team will work onsite with your entire bridal party. We bring makeup lights and professional makeup chairs.

-All of the extras, from makeup finishing spray to setting the veil or helping with jewelry, plus a lip touch up kit.

Make sure to get your wedding booked soon, before Kelli's schedule is full! Kelli & her team only take one wedding per day -  https://www.honeybook.com/widget/kelli_thomsen

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There are so many wonderful vendors in the Pacific NW and Kelli is so blessed to work in a community that cares about connection and the commitment to being the best they can be, so they can help wedding couples experience the BEST day of their lives. Read the latest BLOG from photographer, Katie Dessin on Why You Should Always Do A Trial Run here:  http://www.katiedessinphotography.com/blog/why-you-need-to-test-run-wedding-makeup

"It's in these moments, while writing a blog or reading a brides review that I get all the warm fuzzy's and am able to reflect on how lucky I am to be a part of so many special elopements and weddings throughout the year!"        

Kelli Thomsen

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