Wedding planning can be a bit stressful and loving the skin we are in can be difficult at times, so I have decided to focus in on the key steps that inspire healthy skin and give brides the confidence they need to lead with their BEST mindset for their wedding day. I sense that many brides can take these steps and use them in their daily lives as well, which is such a blessing, because learning how to care for ourselves is such a huge aspect of our happiness.

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Being a licensed Aesthetician is incredible. I realized at a very early age that I was focusing too much time and energy covering things up with makeup. Once I learned to care for my skin properly, it was like a light bulb went off and I started to spend my time in the am and pm with my skin care regimen. If I could give one piece of advice to a bride about makeup, it would be that 

"flawless skin translates beauty in photos better than any makeup application"  

makeup artist - Kelli Thomsen

What does this mean for brides who want to look like the BEST version of themselves? It starts with these 2 key things - DAILY CARE & SKIN TREATMENTS:

1. DAILY CARE - paraben free, cruelty free & botanical based EVER & Epionce are backed by science & botanicals.

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2. Skin Treatments

- Deep Cleansing Facials // once a month (best in a series of 3)

- Chemical Peels // every 4 - 6 weeks (best in a series of 3)

- Dermal Rolling //  every other week

- Hair Removal & Tinting // every 4 - 6 weeks (one week before wedding date)

Now comes the difficult part....finding time for skin CARE in-between all the dress fittings, engagement photo planning and cake & catering tasting appointments. Making your skin a priority is going to ensure that you feel your BEST on your wedding day and there is nothing better than loving the skin we are in! After daily care & a treatment schedule has been implemented - last but not least, we are left with a hunger to glow, so  that is why I  love juice cleanses that eliminates inflammation from the inside out. 

1. DAILY CARE with epionce - Kelli Thomsen is a licensed esthetician & authorized Epionce dealer

See why Dr. Thornfeldt thinks it's crucial to start caring for your skin before your wedding inside the  From Skin- the Epionce Magazine:, where he gives his tips for wedding skin prep. -

2. SKIN TREATMENTS - Customized to your skin type & lifestyle

3. BODY DETOX - Custom juice cleanse, includes pre & post cleanse tips

Sign up for this amazing deal by calling Kelli at 503-890-5355 to schedule each service leading up to your wedding day or schedule online at

Cheers to loving the skin you are in and encouraging a healthy lifestyle leading up to your wedding day!

XO Kelli

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