There is a need for sharing all things clean beauty & plant-based wellness and finding results driven, botanical-based products that work for myself and others has always been my mission. When I think back to starting in this beauty industry 20 years ago, we didn't question the packaging, the ingredients, if the company behind the brand cared about the environment.  Our agriculture and farming, manufacturing and recycling and most other sectors have changed so drastically, that what we did twenty years ago doesn't work for us anymore. We are seeing what a mess these changes have created in our bodies and we want our systems to work better for us today!

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Looking back on the hundreds of men & women I have helped with skin issues every year, I realize that not only do we need to better understand how our skin functions,  but we must take the time to understand how our systems work together, so we can create balance & clarity. I am here to grow our understanding of SKIN health. I want to be a resource for gut and mental health. I realize now more than ever the relationship between our body and mind is going to be so key in developing our health in the future. We cannot thrive without fueling our bodies on the inside and protecting our bodies on the outside. I am determined to help cultivate a space where we can start to find whole body wellness.

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In the coming months, I'll be sharing real life stories and products that benefit our bodies, along with a clean beauty membership, launching in January 2019. My goal with this membership is to create a space where we are showing up for ourselves and consistency is everything! PLUS  -  the membership includes 4 guided workshops that will benefit all walks of life, whether we are learning to limit the day to day tension as mom's, overcoming past trauma from childhood or paying attention to what we put in & on our bodies!

GET READY to be inspired, grow your wellness & lift your confidence~with Kelli Thomsen Beauty in 2019.

Kelli Thomsen Beauty - Holistic Skin Wellness

As I dig deeper into the WINTER MONTHS, I hope to create more awareness around wellness and how to take better care of ourselves, so we can fully show up in our world and for those around us!

I'm excited to have this opportunity to learn, share & grow on this clean beauty & wellness journey with many of you! I'll do everything in my power to share my sacred resources and years of saved up tips, but most importantly I can't wait to see how it may transform your life and the life of those around you. I am hoping to start more in person meetings and LIVE video chatting as a close second, because it's amazing what a smile can do on the other end! I don't think I can do the whole grow an e-mail list thing and it really isn't in my bones to communicate with my people like that, so cheers to more in person meetings, workshops and community/sisterhood moving into the new year!

See you all soon - please reach out with any ideas to add to the workshops, any questions or to set up a coffee/tea meeting! Email me directly at and keep a look out for a ton of great info in our  PDX Holistic Beauty & Wellness Facebook Group - open to anyone who wants to cultivate wellness and create more confidence within a positive holistic community.


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